A Photography Illustration

  This was a quick illustration for a photographer friend: Dm Officials. Oh also I was thinking about doing some research on art and photography and history of it all. I’ll share anything… Continue reading

Locals Only – Gallery Gaze

This weekend I visited a gallery, Soy Sauce Factory, I have been wanting to check out in a while. One of those places you keep hearing about and putting a pin in it… Continue reading


If Neil smiles, you smile. If he was happy his smiles were bigger and brighter, if he was annoyed (which rarely happened by the way) he’d smile it off anyways and he if he… Continue reading

Seahorse Loving

Valentines and the myth of monogamous seahorses, aiyya! Let’s clear that confusion out guys. I love seahorses, have always been fascinated by them, plus the male carries the baby (what could be better). Anyhow I… Continue reading

Walker Bay

This weekend we did something new and went sailing as well as kayaking bang smack in the middle of Bangkok City in Nong Bon Water Sport Center.  I cannot believe that I only found… Continue reading

Do It For The Process – The Community

I have just recently read an article from the blog ‘Beautiful Hello’ and it was about how the process is as important (or more important some may argue) as the final piece of art.… Continue reading

The Canteen Song

  This post is a bit different from my usual. It is about two very good friends who are stepping into something very exciting. It pretty much started during a school trip to… Continue reading

light & shadows – Gallery Gaze

Attasit Pokpong, if you haven’t been to see his exhibition in Sukhumvit Soi 31, Adler Subhashok Gallery, and you have a little time this weekend, I say pop by. The artist, whose style is… Continue reading

The Blue to Choose

I associate blue with happy thoughts – The sea, the fish, diving! The sky, the birds, cycling! The dress, the eyes, dancing! So this year hope everyone chooses something blue to do! This… Continue reading

Feeling Coconutty

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Hope everyone is having a tropicallo time, sending love and thanks for a great year from Bangkok! :-)

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    We saw #fireflies this past weekend and my nephew said "they look like diamonds." Honestly, if we didn't know better they probably were some of the most gorgeous sparkly diamonds. People just need to peel away their
layers of race, religion, gender, stature, beauty and intelligence to remember what being human means. 💎 #behuman #letskeephumanityalive With my favorite clowns 😍 #wearelovingtheplants #squintyeyes I really didn't try to match my top but it did! 🤗😉 #greenandyellow A big open sky and vast amounts of water #someofmyfavoritethings
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