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Intertwined Luxuries

A Glimpse of the 1st Range

The Tiles

Working on Watercolour

In watercolour, playing around on a scrap piece of paper, or the reverse side of a ‘disaster’ invariably produces something interesting and uninhibited. -Wayne Robert Hall I have never been good with watercolour… Continue reading

Charming Vintage Furniture

I work on Upper Street and just down the road from me there is this lovely little utopia full of vintage furniture. The Little Paris shop with its authentic charm and beautiful display… Continue reading

Embroidery on Paper

Hi! So I have been crazy busy with Uni work, I had no life for the past month or so you can say. But now I am just a little bit free and… Continue reading

The Awakening

Just a little something something. 

Turning Doodling into something Real

If you have seen one of my older posts, I doodle a lot and it’s always the weird pattern things that I do that can be very small and simple or complicated and… Continue reading

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    Got the little beads from a cute little shop in Venice. The lady even had some gorgeous postcards and was absolutely lovely. Made the #tassels from scraps of fabrics and used part of an old necklace for the rest  #muranoglass •
#handmade #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #moderndesign #acolorstory #lovestylelife #madetocreate #upcycle #handmadejewelry #accessories #jewelry #designer #artsandcrafts #everythingdiy #DIY #crafts #icreatebecauseican #tasselearrings #handmadegifts People with raw talent. Their soul & honesty. To lay your pain bare for the world to experience is just inspirational #illustration circles & squares makes the best combinations #handmadeboss I enjoy diversity. It allows me to be me. Not the me you want me to be. Celebrate you and I will rejoice along with you. You are probably more interesting than the person you are trying to be 🌈 #rejoiceinyourweirdness #embracedifferent
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